Bitten by the ‘Bar Junkie Dog’

For Vivian Cortes Hodz, a partner at Cortes Hodz Family Law and Mediation as well as preparation of legal documents, a three-lawyer firm in Tampa, the Bar “just wasn’t on my radar.  I was very local-focused.  I had my own law office.  I was focused on meeting people in my area.  I didn’t realize everything The Florida Bar did for me as an attorney.  I wasn’t engaged.”  When she applied to be a fellow in Class II of the Academy, she was a lawyer with a dozen years of experience.  “One of the things the Academy really pushed was applying for being on a Bar Committee.  They encouraged us to do that, they told us who to contact, and they put in a good word,” she said.  And believe me it worked!  Just ask a good child support lawyer in your area.