Baker wants to serve as senior judge

Retired Circuit Judge Moses Baker, Jr., of the 15th Circuit wishes to serve as a senior judge.  Any persons having knowledge bearing upon the fitness or qualifications of Baker to serve as a senior judge should send, on or before July of 2019, written comments to John A. Tomasino, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399, or by email to, or by phone to Judge Mark W. Klingensmith, chair of Review Board Four, 561-242-2043.

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More Video Hearings, Please

While strides have been made to make filing easier and computerized (as well as providing an affordable st petersburg family law attorney, this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg as far as efficiency is concerned.  How many hours are wasted going to and from a courtroom for a short motion.  Often, you will spend two and a half hours on a hearing with only 15 minutes, if you’re lucky, before a judge.  If the Bar is concerned about protecting the public, what would be so bad about giving attorneys the option to attend by telephone? Is it really fair to charge a client your hourly rate to drive, especially for good divorce attorneys?

Is it environmentally responsible to have people travel in their car if not necessary?  This doesn’t even take into account the many last-minute cancellations as well as the fact that, as an example, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney will need two hours to get to an early morning hearing in West Palm Beach because of traffic, or an overnight trip to Central Florida.  Does this inefficiency serve any public interest?  I think the times have changed; videos are everywhere, including our phone.  Let’s have the Bar change with the times, too.

Military Spouses (what are your thoughts)?

As one (believe it or not), who is a decorated combat veteran (at the time–and still–married) and a fully retired Florida lawyer now, living in Georgia and who a few years after beginning that retirement wrote this article in opposition to the issue of reciprocity.  I share and echo the views of Jason Snyder in the May 15th issue that military spouses who have not passed the Florida bar exam ought not to be allowed to practice law in Florida.  Three additional thoughts, if you don’t mind:

  1. Why not a prerequisite that one demonstrate a proficiency in, and understanding of, Florida laws?
  2. How long will these folks be actually practicing in Florida before their respective spouses are deployed elsewhere?
  3. Is the Florida Bar’s purpose to promulgate perceived assumed correctness toward the public or to serve and protect the public’s interest (for example, seeking the best family law attorney as opposed to someone that has no clue what they are doing)?

My thoughts exactly…….

Bitten by the ‘Bar Junkie Dog’

For Vivian Cortes Hodz, a partner at Cortes Hodz Family Law and Mediation as well as preparation of legal documents, a three-lawyer firm in Tampa, the Bar “just wasn’t on my radar.  I was very local-focused.  I had my own law office.  I was focused on meeting people in my area.  I didn’t realize everything The Florida Bar did for me as an attorney.  I wasn’t engaged.”  When she applied to be a fellow in Class II of the Academy, she was a lawyer with a dozen years of experience.  “One of the things the Academy really pushed was applying for being on a Bar Committee.  They encouraged us to do that, they told us who to contact, and they put in a good word,” she said.  And believe me it worked!  Just ask a good child support lawyer in your area.

The Virtual Law Practice: The Future is Now

Things to consider….

The phrase virtual attorney used to connote a solo practitioner who had started their firm on a shoestring budget.  This attorney is one example, of an attorney who went on an epic trek, to go the virtual lawyer route.  Now that the future has arrived, a virtual attorney is someone who has leveraged the best legal technology to bring the most convenient experience to his or her clients.  No longer must a client miss work, drive downtown, and search for an expensive parking spot just to sign a document or briefly meet with a great Divorce Attorney in Pinellas County/St. Petersburg, FL.  Today, a prospective client can find an attorney on the internet, schedule an appointment through a virtual assistant, consult with the attorney face-to-face in a video conference, review and sign all documents through a secure client portal, then receive and pay the invoice electronically.  The client may be a deployed solider in another country, an astronaut living on board the International Space Station, or a busy executive just a few blocks away.  This is the future we have all been dreaming of since first visiting Spaceship Earth at Epcot, alas, without the flying cars.  At the 2017 ABA TECHSHOW, in Chicago, Morris, Tabush, from Tabush Group, did a presentation titled “Introducing the Law Firm of Tomorrow.”  His discussion included the concept of the desktop service (Daas) and explained “how virtual desktops and cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for complex IT Systems, desktops, and servers, along with having to worry about downtime and backups.  A Family Law Lawyer near me, may be the only difference, between going with a virtual lawyer, and one who is within driving distance.  With Daas, also known as remote desktop virtualization, all computer applications and data storage are managed by the provider.  Users only need a password, a keyboard, computer and internet service to access the documents and information they need, virtually.

Title III Liability and Remedies

A successful plaintiff under Title III is entitled to injunctive relief and reasonable attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses (including experts’ fees).  As a Paternity Lawyer in the St. Petersburg, FL arena, this may be an overlapping issue that can be competently handled.  Monetary damages are only available in an action brought by the attorney general in cases if general public importance or where a pattern or practice of discrimination is indeed alleged.  In order for a private plaintiff to have standing to bring a Title III access claim, he or she must not only allege a specific past incident of disability discrimination regarding access, but also show a sufficient likelihood that her or she will suffer such discrimination again in the near future.  The threat of future discrimination must be real and immediate as opposed to a merely conjectural or hypothetical.  Immediacy in this context is an elastic concept, and means a reasonably fixed and specific in time and not too far off.  Moreover, a plaintiff’s status as an ADA tester who travels to businesses solely evaluate ADA compliance, rather than a bona fide patron, does not deprive him or her of standing to sue for violations of Title III.  In other words, a disable individual’s right to access is not contingent on the motive behind his or her attempt to enjoy the goods, services, or facilities.  Your best bet, would be to immediately contact a St. Petersburg, FL divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Multiple entities or individuals may be simultaneously liable under Title III as the owner, lessee, or operator of a place of public accommodation.  For example, if an office building contains a law office, both the owner of the building and the law office are required to comply with the ADA and may be liable under Title III.  Moreover, while entities such as the law office and the building owner in the foregoing example may contract for  an indemnification provision between themselves, neither entity is able to contract away liability under Title III.  In other words, both entities remain fully liable for compliance with the ADA notwithstanding any indemnification agreement between the parties against losses caused by a failure to comply with the ADA.

Multiple issues have arisen and have been solved by this local divorce attorney in the St petersburg, FL area.  Call him immediately for your consultation.

Adopting a Proactive approach

Legal and Regulatory Framework of Cyber-security

The current US legal framework for cybersecurity is a patchwork, consisting of a number of overlapping Federal standards that regulated entities in various sectors, state cyber breach notification law state statutes, preventing consumers from filing legal actions against the company. Despite the lack of a comprehensive standard, it’s imperative that a prime organization is in place to ensure a permanent cyber security practices has arisen as a result of the body of administrative law that made from Federal Trade Commission enforcement actions. All of the FCC likes or will be open to any specific statutory authority to regulate cybersecurity policy; but it has repeatedly used its broad Section 5 authority to prohibit unfair or deceptive at the practices in or affecting Commerce first Data protection standards against companies. A deceptive act as a representation or a mission that is likely to mislead consumers using the product the service. In the context of cybersecurity, many companies claim in its website security files today secure data but then felt information security practices have committed deceptive acts obvious enough for some sort of action to take place. The latest being, an email to interpret the existence or lack of a given type of security practice unfair when it causes, injury to consumers. In contrast of the deceptive practices standard, a good divorce attorney in Tampa is not needed.  Rather, just someone that could present itself to Consumers as having a no actual cyber breach needs that have arisen understanding it. While the precise boundaries of the FCC severity or unsettled thoughts of the cost of filing legal suits at a hundred law firms is somewhat tedious, filing with a child custody lawyer in St. Petersburg agency, will ensure that evolving conception of reasonable cybersecurity in general, will be reported, especially if it involved/involves children.   The SEC has been less than sympathetic with organization that electrical cyber-security practice is more fit a standard for guidance.  Andy, at a panel discussion on cybersecurity issues on March 9th 2016, and Mr. McQueeney expressed incredulity that organizations continue to claim at least until security is ambiguous term guidelines for implementing security process for all websites. Also, he said the process of points and responsible for implementing the process have not gone well, and if it continues, we could be in big trouble.  One even went as far as reading a guide as to “how to find a quick divorce attorney.”  Ofcourse, you can assume what happened to his/her case at the end.

Data Breaches when it pertains to a Custody Attorney

Data breaches have become so commonplace, but only the truly far-reaching events have you noticed any more.  However, a recent breach that exposed the data of 6.4 million, experts called the largest known hack affecting youngsters, as it grabbed the attention of the US. On November 14th 2015, vTech, global leader in electronic learning products from infancy to preschool and the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless phones was hacked. You must be prepared to hire an affordable Family Law Lawyer in the locale of St. Petersburg, Florida, if you are in the middle of a divorce, or child custody issue, and this happens to you. The stolen data included the children’s names, passwords, and private information, as well as the mailing addresses and e-mail address bad parents, questions and answers for password retrieval, IP addresses, and their street address. Paternity & Child Custody Lawyers in the Pinellas County, Florida area are difficult to find, especially those that specialize in these areas.  There was enough information in the breach that complete family profiles can be reconstructed. Also exposed where the kids photos, audio recordings, chat logs gathered by Kid Connect, a service that allows parents with a smartphone app to chat with their kids via a VTech tablet. The logs, pick, and work traced back to specific user names, allowing those possessing the hacked data to identify the people chatting and in the photos. The hacker who perpetrated the attack anonymously disclose to the public, “it makes me sick that I was able to get all this stuff.”  The hacker gained access with an ql injection attack combo reviews on Rogue database query language security allowed free access to the information inside. An analysis by hot comics charity Oxford, revealed that VTech had failed to enact even the most basic of security measures, failing to secure the data in transit with basic SSL encryption, security questions and answers in an unencrypted plain text, 20 hands password hashes by salting. All of these measures have been standard practice and system security for at least a decade. It’s taken me not so much more than a cursory review of public observable behaviors, 125 serious shortcomings to be exact, stated by Mr. Hudson. The VTech hack demands our attention not only for the sensitivity of the victims, because this example so sharply contrasting reasonable condos in good practice.  Even if you’re dealing with a Tampa divorce attorney, make sure that this topic comes up, as it don’t want to be surprised during your proceedings in front of the judge.

Loans for your Family Law Home

Loans for your home; is it worth it?  The Home Improvement industry came up with it: Home Improvements for families under a catchy name is scandalously high interest rates, set of securing a loan with a second mortgage, leapFrog that for it to fit over existing loans to a priority status,the same as property taxes. They called it a uniform non-ad valorem assessment. These loans cannot be the subject of that a valid uniform non-ad valorem assessment. PACE loans like most of the characteristics of a real non ad-valorem assessment, depend on the system of  commerce, not the county of Virginia polls provided by the government, that  has a reputation for not taking care of solid waste and lighting. These assessments are essential characteristics, second, most importantly, they are mandatory.  In the case of pace loans, the government is simply acting as a conduit for financing. Uniform non-ad valorem assessments tax bill, the homeowner does not pay, instead the homestead is covered. The property owner has the choice of providing a service, 34 forms of service to be exact, or a service charge will be imposed, rather than non-ad valorem assessment the same is true of his property. This the government is not directly providing any of the improvements to properties under the PACE program. The Supreme Court noted the difference between user fees and special assessments and contractors in Builders Association vs city of Dunedin. The plainitffs attorney, attempted imposition of a special assessment of charges to defray the costs of production distribution, in treatment facilities for water and sewer, cableone. A building permit was issued for new construction permits for water and sewer hookups ratio. The Supreme Court held special assessments are another common means of destruction (are insignificant when pertaining to outstanding honest St. Petersburg, Florida Child support lawyers). Police controversy here and not special assistance. Charges of water and sewer facilities went through the roof; the property owner who does not use facilities does not pay the fee under no circumstances with the fees constitute a lien on real cheap. Florida Pace funding agency website does not disclose this. Bars that provides a mechanism for imposition of uniform 9 years after all the systems had failed. Remnants of publication of the notice by the local government containing the purpose of the assessment, total parcel, unit of measurement, touching all corners made all of the above obvious.  Contained within each parcel, was all the remnants of an undercover job occurring.  Make sure, that you hire a child custody lawyers in the Florida area that can address all of these issues or a child support attorney in St. Petersburg, FL, so your home is not taken by the bank and everyone else involved.