Military Spouses (what are your thoughts)?

As one (believe it or not), who is a decorated combat veteran (at the time–and still–married) and a fully retired Florida lawyer now, living in Georgia and who a few years after beginning that retirement wrote this article in opposition to the issue of reciprocity.  I share and echo the views of Jason Snyder in the May 15th issue that military spouses who have not passed the Florida bar exam ought not to be allowed to practice law in Florida.  Three additional thoughts, if you don’t mind:

  1. Why not a prerequisite that one demonstrate a proficiency in, and understanding of, Florida laws?
  2. How long will these folks be actually practicing in Florida before their respective spouses are deployed elsewhere?
  3. Is the Florida Bar’s purpose to promulgate perceived assumed correctness toward the public or to serve and protect the public’s interest (for example, seeking the best family law attorney as opposed to someone that has no clue what they are doing)?

My thoughts exactly…….